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What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand (POD) is a process that involves creating customised designs for white-label products. This means that you can sell products under your brand on a pre-order basis and connect with print suppliers to dropship the products to your customers.

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Benefits of Print on Demand by Helloprint Create & Sell

Zero risk
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Starting a business can appear to be a daunting task with a lot of aspects to organise. Not with Print on Demand.  Let your creative juices flow and start your online business with zero risk, with POD by Helloprint Create & Sell.

No stock
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One of the biggest barriers to starting a traditional business is the need to tie up money in inventory for uncertain future sales. POD means no inventory, allowing you to sell any products at any time, increasing sales and eliminating risk.

No inventory

In the past, to be able to sell your own customised products, you had to put money aside for production, suppliers, logistics, staff and maybe even a brick and mortar store to sell and store your products. POD is an easy way for anyone to sell high quality products with flexibility and no investment.

No commitment
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POD allows you to play and experiment with products without commitment. Simply choose any products you like, upload your artwork and start selling within minutes. You can easily add new products or change for the ones that are more popular with your customers.

Local production and delivery
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We produce all orders as local to the delivery destination as possible, reducing delivery times, and decreasing costs. Another great benefit of eliminating unnecessary transit is less CO2 emissions.

No warehousing
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As all of your orders are produced on demand, there is no need to warehouse or handle any products in advance. Once a sale is completed, the product will be produced and will arrive directly to your customers. That means you can sit back and relax while we take care of the production and shipping for you.

Sell on demand products

Expand your brand with customised clothing, wall art, stationary, mugs, stickers and many more

Save the planet with POD

With Print on Demand you save the planet from going boom.

CO2 emmission
Traditional print
2,5 L
It takes 2.5 liters of water to print 1 t-shirt. Avg. volume order 350 units = 875 liters of water.
16 million tons
On average, 16 million tons of unsold or returned merchandise end up in landfill or are incinerated each year.
2.1 kg CO2 per shirt
It takes 2.1kg of greenhouse emissions to produce 1 t-shirt. 22% of climate impact comes from transportation to store & warehouses.
60% waste
It take 2.1kg of greenhouse emissions to produce 1 t-shirt. 22% of climate impact comes from transportation to store & warehouses.
Helloprint Create&Sell
0 L
Zero water waste in our print fulfilment process.
0 stock
Print on demand = zero stock holding and zero waste. Product is produced to order. Demand & Supply.
Minimum CO2
Minimum emissions used to produce our products. Climate impact is at the end of the chain, transportation of order to the customer.
0% waste
Our print process uses non-toxic inks. The pigment inks are water based and are not harmful to the planet.
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