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Are your products certified by any relevant organisation?

Our sustainable product range is most notably certified by the following organisations:


Is print-on-demand a sustainable business model?

Our print-on-demand model ensures that no products end up in landfills. We do this by producing precisely what is sold. Furthermore, products are made as local to the customer as possible, in order to minimise unnecessary carbon emissions by cutting shipping distances.


Does Helloprint Create & Sell offer a sustainable product range?

Yes, we offer an extensive sustainable product range made with organic cotton and recycled materials. These products are certified by Peta, GRS, GOTS and more. These products are tagged with a green “sustainable” note so you can easily identify them in our catalog.

Artist Store

How does Artist Store product pricing work?

You can choose the price you charge your customers. This price must include VAT, which can vary depending on where your customers are ordering from. When you set the price, you can also see how much it costs for us to produce the product, which is shown excluding VAT. For every order, we calculate the price of the product excluding VAT (depending on where the order comes from) and you earn the difference between this price and our cost price. You can see the steps of this calculation in your personalised order overview page. Remember that your customers pay shipping directly to us, so this is not involved in your profit calculation.

Artist Store

How can I create my Artist Store?

First, you need to sign up here. Then, you can edit all the features of your shop on the ‘My Store’ page, including the name, your social media links, choose your banner, add "About us" section. Next, save all your changes, then browse all the products we have to offer by clicking on Products in the header menu. When you see a product in the catalog that you like, just click on ‘Start Designing’ to choose your colours, sizes, prices, and of course upload your artwork. Once you have designed all the products you want to add (for now, you can always add more later), you can review and publish them to your store under the ‘My Products’ part of the ‘Products’ page. Preview your shop and if all looks great to you hit the " Publish store" button. Now, your shop is live, and you and your customers can access it via the link you may copy in My Store settings.

Artist Store

How do I get paid on the Artist Store?

Your customers will pay the price you have set plus a shipping cost directly to Helloprint Create & Sell. When your profit rollup reaches €50, we will pay out your revenue. You may expect the payment during the third week of the month for the previous month. The revenue per order is equal to the price you set, minus VAT and product production cost, for each product. You can see the exact margin you earn at your Orders page.

Artist Store

How can I check my orders and finances in the Artist Store?

When you are logged into your account, you can see your orders on the page titled ‘Orders’. Here you also see all the details of how much you have earned with each order, broken down into your price, the VAT rate of the order, your price excluding VAT, our cost price, and finally your margin. You can check your financial details on the ‘Finances’ page of your account, to make sure we know how to pay you.

Artist Store

Can I expect new products to be added to the catalog?

We strive to have an ever-growing catalog with a diverse product offering. For this reason we are constantly adding new products. Is there any product you’re missing? Then let us know here!

Artist Store

What is the difference between the Artist Store and a store on an e-commerce platform like Shopify?

The Artist Store is our on-platform solution, where you create a free custom online shop on our storefront with no need for any integrations, coding or subscription. E-commerce platforms such as Shopify are designed for those who already have a store on one of these platforms and wish to direct all their customers to one place, whether it be for print-on-demand or other products. Shopify charges a monthly subscription fee and requires more time for set-up, but in return offers more customisation and more functionality, if you professionally run your e-commerce business. Read more about it in our Integrations section.


What countries are included in each shipping region?

The countries we deliver to are grouped into the following shipping regions for which we use different flat shipping rates:

1. UK

2. Europe (IE, AT, BE, BG, HR, CY, CZ, DK, EE, FI, FR, DE, GR, HU, IT, LV, LT, LU, MT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, SI, ES, SE, AX, AD, VA, MC, SM)

3. Canada

4. Australia

5. EFTA States (IS, LI, NO, CH)

Flat shipping rates mean that we use the same shipping rates to all countries that are included to the defined shipping region.

Worldwide shipping option is available upon request and will be handled manually. If the country you want the order to be shipped to is not included in the list of countries as indicated on the product page, please contact


Do you offer tracked shipping?

Yes, both the customer and the store owner will receive a tracking code with. every order.


Which countries do you deliver to?

We have local production in 18 countries and deliver to the following regions: UK, Europe, EFTA States, USA, Canada and Australia. To know which countries we ship to for specific products, please check the product detail page. If you would like to ship to a country that is not included in the list, please contact us at:


How quickly are orders delivered to my customers?

Delivery time can vary depending on several factors, such as the product ordered, print location, country of destination and chosen shipping method.

In the shipping information on each product page, you can check the estimated delivery time, which includes estimated fulfilment time plus estimated shipping time for defined shipping regions. However, these dates are estimates, not guaranteed.

Fulfilment time: on average we fulfil orders in up to 72 hours.

Shipping times vary based on the shipping region. Thanks to a broad network of print partners in more than 18 countries, we aim to produce locally, by choosing the print location close to the shipping destination.

For more accurate estimation, you can check the order in your basket to see the delivery dates for the offered shipping methods.


How eco-friendly is your printing process?

Our digital print process uses non-toxic, water-based inks not harmful to the planet. There is zero water waste in our production/fulfilment process and minimum emissions are used to produce our products.


What quality can I expect from Helloprint Create & Sell products?

By combining our high quality product range and our avant-garde printing technology, you can expect some of the highest quality merchandise products in the market. We want to prove this to you, so we offer 30% off the cost price of your first three products as samples once your store is set up and ready to sell!


Does quality vary if my products are made by different printing providers?

We choose our suppliers carefully to ensure we can always offer high quality products. If you have any doubts, please take advantage of our offer to order your first 3 products at 30% off cost price, to use as samples to check the quality.


What can and can't be printed?

Our printing technology enables limitless design and customization. This means there are no restrictions in terms of how many colors you can use in your artworks.


What kind of printing method do you use?

We employ digital printing in our fulfillment process. This is a cutting-edge, high quality and sustainable printing process.


What integrations are available for Helloprint Create & Sell?

Currently you can integrate Helloprint Create & Sell with Shopify or WooCommerce. You can integrate your custom e-commerce website through our API. If you don't yet sell your products on any e-commerce platforms and are looking for a quick and easy solution, we suggest going with a dedicated Artist Store page on our platform. It's simple to set up and totally free!


When can I expect more integrations for Helloprint Create & Sell?

You can expect many more integrations to become available for Helloprint Create & Sell in 2022. We are working on integrations with other e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Which integration are you looking for? Let us know here so we can find a custom solution for you


How can I create a custom product with Helloprint Create & Sell?

Creating new products with Helloprint Create & Sell is easy. Simply choose a product you like from our catalog, connect our Shopify App to your store or create your Artist Store page on our platform, upload your design, fill in the details and publish.

Shopify App

Where can I find product prices?

You can find product prices in the catalog. For more detailed pricing, please visit the product detail page in the Shopify App or Artist Store. If you are connected via the API, you will get live prices from there.

Shopify App

When do I get billed for the products that I have sold on Shopify?

You get billed by Helloprint Create & Sell for any products you have sold after the actual sale is made. If your payment method is connected, we will debit your card and process the order.

Shopify App

How can I integrate my Shopify store?

If you already have a Shopify store, you can easily install the Helloprint Create & Sell Shopify App here. It's free! If you are interested in opening a new Shopify store for your print-on-demand business, you can learn more about it on this page.

Shopify App

How soon do I get paid after I make a sale on Shopify?

You get paid directly through Shopify during 1-3 business days after a sale is made. However, this may vary per country and other factors. You can find more information about getting paid by Shopify here. It is also worth noting that at no point in the process does Helloprint Create & Sell have access to your profits.

Getting started

Are your solutions free to use?

Yes, all Helloprint Create & Sell integrations are completely free to use - no setup costs or monthly subscription fees. We charge only the manufacturing and shipping costs when you make a sale.

Getting started

What is print on demand?

Print-on-demand allows you to customise products like tees, hoodies, mugs, bags, stickers, posters and many more with your own designs to sell on demand under your own brand. This means that you don't pay for the product until you've sold it, so there's no need to invest in stock with no guarantee of selling it. Plus, with print-on-demand services, everything that happens after the sale, from printing to shipping to your clients, is handled by Helloprint Create & Sell.

Getting started

What is Helloprint Create & Sell?

Helloprint Create & Sell helps entrepreneurs and businesses turn their ideas into printed products and grow brands online. We offer integrated print-on-demand solutions that allow you to design and sell custom high quality products with zero risk and no upfront investment. Whenever you get an order we take care of printing, packaging and shipping, so you can focus on what really matters - your brand and growing your business.

Getting started

Do I need to connect my store?

To sell print-on-demand products, you need to have an online store where your customers will be able to see and purchase your products. You can use one of our integrations with an e-commerce platform to connect your store. If you have a custom online store, you can connect via our PrintAPI. If you don't have an online store, you can create it on our platform with our Artist Store solution, which provides a storefront accessible to your customers. All our integrations are free to use.


What types of print files are required for design editor?

The supported file formats by our editor are JPEG, PNG, and SVG:

1. The recommended resolution for JPEG/PNG files is 300DPI

2. For SVG format you should follow the instructions to create it specifically for the editor. Please read them here!

The specific file requirements may differ per product. You can find the file requirement in Artwork guidelines on each product page.

Shopify App

How can I access the Helloprint Create& Sell Shopify app?

You can access the Helloprint Create & Sell Shopify App through your Shopify store. Check your Apps in the dashboard to see Helloprint Create & Sell. If you haven't installed our app yet, you can connect the Shopify App here.

Artist Store

How can I track orders of my customers in Artist Store?

Once the order is automatically processed you can see the tracking links in the "Orders" page in your dashboard. By the link you can see the order delivery status and inform your customers, if they have questions. We as well send the shipping information to your customer.

Artist Store

Can I add my own images to my products?

Yes, absolutely. You can add the images to be displayed on the product page together with the the mock-ups you created in our design editor. These can be the images from the product photosessions you've made with the sample products or mock-ups you created yourself. You can showcase your products on the model or make details pictures. Don't forget about importance of the image quality and high resolution. You can add the images at the product configuration page where you edit product description and set your prices. Upload images in the " Add my own images" section.

Still have questions?

Contact our Artist Success Team for personal help or feedback.

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