Shopify Dropshipping Guide For 2023 | How To Dropship On Shopify For Beginners

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Have you heard of the term dropshipping? Dropshipping is a business model now popular in E-commerce. With this business model you can easily open an online store and make good profits and open for yourself countless other possibilities. 

Want to learn everything about how to dropship on Shopify and make money? This guide will show you how you can effectively do it regardless of your field of interest or expertise. Let's get started!

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business approach that enables you to conduct online sales without storing, managing, or shipping products at your end. You will only need a dropshipping online store where buyers make their purchases. When a buyer orders from your store, you only have to contact the supplier, from whom you source the products or have an automation that redirects orders to him. The supplier then directly ships the product to the buyer. Sounds interesting, right?

So how do you start dropshipping? The supplier gets his wholesale price, and the buyer pays the listing amount. So, the cost difference is your profit for that sale. For instance, a consumer spends $60 at your store for shirts. You will use the customer's shipping details and place the order of the products to your vendor, who will then send the products to the buyer for $30. You will make $30 gross at the point of purchase within the comfort of your home.

Why Start Dropshipping On Shopify

You may ask yourself, what is Shopify dropshipping? How does Shopify dropshipping work? As of now, Shopify has a couple of benefits over other E-commerceplatforms. First, you may think starting a dropshipping business will cost you a fortune. But that is not the case with Shopify. You can launch your business with little investment using Shopify options like their free trial for 14 days and then go with basic package offered for $29/month. 

You can use these until you are ready to scale up and go big. Not just that, but also with Shopify, you can build your domain name registration with a price as low as $10 to $20 yearly. Therefore, Shopify is an excellent idea if you don’t wanat to invest to start a dropshipping business. It seems too good to be true, and you’re asking if you need a business license to dropship on Shopify? The answer is no! You don’t need a business license to start on Shopify.

What else does Shopify specifically provide for users? For starters, Shopify is incredibly user-friendly and compatible with several dropshipping-specific applications. Secondly, it includes many integrations that let you do more then sell things. For instance, you can pay your bills, check shipments, market your business, create an abandoned-cart approach, and access information.

Therefore, given how simple it is to use and the availability of applications to add stock to your site, Shopify is a powerful platform for dropshipping.

How Much You Can Make And Is It Even Worth It

Now, you must be wondering if it is worth it to start your dropshipping business on Shopify? Or, how much money can you make from dropshipping on Shopify? Take it from the experts and give it a read below!

T-shirts are one of the most common products to dropship. Although many factors may influence the cost of producing and shipping a t-shirt, like fabric material, the number of ink colors, and the printing method—the most common digital printing. So cost price is an important factor to start with. If you go just for dropshipping products, the cost will be less than when you choose customisation with print and go with branded dropshipping.

Consider you've decided to use a print-on-demand application that integrates with Shopify and enables you to produce personalized t-shirts and send them straight to your consumers. Your profit will mostly depend on the cost price the POD provider sets, then the margin you set and your sales volume.

Things To Do Before Starting A Dropshipping Store With Shopify

Having a dropshipping store is just one segment of a whole process. Undoubtedly, every company keeps a level uncertainty which is present in a dropshipping model, even if you do not have to pay for things ahead or keep any listing. Planning your dropshipping can help you save time, effort, and money by making the process more predictable.

You should be aware of these five things on how to set up dropshipping on Shopify.

Come Up With The Store Name

Why is it essential to pick the right name for your dropshipping store? Well…

It is crucial because your dropshipping store's name serves as its identification. Your branding is the name of your dropshipping store and the first thing customers see when they come across.

If your advertising is excellent, people will remember that name forever. 

For instance, you'll probably understand the brand I'm referring to:

  • Apple
  • LG
  • Chrome
  • Amazon

Simple, right?

That is the power of giving your business a killer name.

Choose A Profitable Niche

Can you make money dropshipping with Shopify? Definitely! But you need to choose a profitable niche with low competition. Choosing a niche of your market depends on your market needs, tastes or interests. Besides, having a niche allows smaller enterprises to lower market rivalry when goods are widely accessible.

If you sell coffee, you will have a great deal of competition. But your competition suddenly becomes much less fierce if you offer vegan coffee! 

Find A Supplier

Before you even ask yourself how to start a dropshipping business on Shopify, you need to find a supplier. There are several dropshipping vendors to pick from, but if you want total automation of the checkout process, use Shopify dropshipping applications.

Dropshipping orders placed via Shopify dropshipping apps are routed directly to the supplier, who labels the shipped order and adds a tracking number to the order, which is then sent directly to the buyer.

Determine Your Target Market

Now that you have selected a supplier, the identification is complete. What else do you need to start a shopify dropshipping store? Of course where to strike with your unique product! It requires extensive research to learn more about your dropshipping store's target market. Knowing your target market will enable you to make better decisions about your brand's marketing strategy, new product development, and choosing sales channels to concentrate on.

It might be helpful to ask yourself the following questions when you define your target market:

  • Who does my product most benefit?
  • How does my product vary from that of my rivals?
  • Who is learning about my products? How are they finding them, exactly?

Choose A Dropshipping App

Installing the dropshipping app is one of the most excellent Shopify solutions for e-commerce businesses who wish to dropship items. Or if you want to go for branded dropshipping you can search for print on demand Shopify app.

After integrating with Shopify, you'll need to create a new category for your products. Give this category a name, based on the kind of goods you'll be selling. For example, you can call this category "Tank Tops" if you want to create an internet company selling tank tops. Then upload and publish your products and enjoy full further automation.

How To Dropship On Shopify Step-by-step

Are you now prepared to use Shopify? Do you want to know how to start dropshipping on Shopify? Below is a step-by-step process for utilizing Shopify for your dropshipping business. First, it would be best to sign up for a Shopify account and set up your store.

Get A Shopify Account

So how do you set up dropshipping on Shopify? To create your account, go to and click 'start free trial' on the homepage.

Next, enter your email information, password, and shop name. There are a few considerations to make while deciding on a Shopify name. Remember, you want something distinctive that will stand out, but it should also be clear, easy to remember, and effortless to spell.

After you have created your account, it will prompt you to provide information about your business and e-commerce background.

Once you have answered these queries, you should set up your store for dropshipping. As seen on the illustration below, start by clicking a setting in the bottom left- hand side of the Shopify panel.

Next, you will enter your business address and banking details, to accept payments such as a checking or Paypal account. 

Return to the settings dashboard once your payment information is complete to set up a few more crucial aspects of your shop, such as shipping details and store policies. However, note that you can assess all these aspects in this panel.

You will also need to establish a sales channel for your Shopify site to prepare it for drop shipping. Choose “sales channel” from the settings panel, as shown below;

Next, choose “add sales channel”. 

A pop menu appears where you can select from several sales channels. First, Identify the app you want to use if you plan on using a Shopify dropshipping app for your shop; proceed to the bottom part of the menu and choose “Visit Shopify app store”.

Add Products To Your Store

You can use an app to add goods for your store. It is the most straightforward approach to start dropshipping on Shopify. In POD dropshipping apps you can choose from the variety of the catalog and add your design to the products you like, then publish your products and see them in your store available for your customers.

Edit Product Details

You can update goods after you have created them to change their names, prices, and other product specifics. You can also alter the product information at any moment, but doing so may affect your reports. 

For details on how the changes impact the way products appear, and are organized on your reports, see changes in product details. Changes that are saved in your online store are immediately effective. There is more than that, by looking at the page's header, you can see if another staff member is updating a product before you edit it.

Set Up Your Collections

Next comes the setting up of your products. You may organize products into collections to make it simpler for customers to find your items by category. Here are a few illustrations of groups you could make:

  • Clothes for adults, women or kids.
  • Custom-made home decor items, which includes lamps, pillows, or rugs.
  • Seasonal goods such as Christmas or Thanksgiving cards and decorations.

Set Up Payments

You can design your store to offer your consumers additional transaction options besides the standard "buy, pay, and ship now" paradigm. For instance, your clients may subscribe to get a bundle of arabica beans each month or order an album before it is published. In short, you are giving your buyers a facility of customized order.

You can provide your consumers with three popular purchase options: subscription, trial before buying (TBYB), and pre-orders.

  • Pre-orders: Clients can buy or reserve products that may not yet be available for delivery but will be delivered later.
  • A trial before you buy: Customers have the option to order goods without making a payment straight away. You carry out TYBY orders like standard orders, but clients can pay after a trial of the product.

Setup The Settings, Policies, And Rules

Don’t miss it! Ensure you've developed the essential policies before setting up your own Shopify dropshipping store. You don’t want just anybody to take advantage of your hard work and business. With the help of several useful tools, Shopify can automatically create uniform terms and conditions, refund policies, and privacy policies for your store.

These tools are available through Shopify's settings. First, select the checkout tab and scroll to the bottom to access the necessary fields. Next, click on the generate tab, and you will be ready to go. 

Choose A Plan And Launch Your Store

Shopify provides several subscription plans to fit your business needs. To give you a snapshot of how it works, Shopify provides a 14 day free trial and then moves you to the basic subscription plan ($29/month or $14.44/month with the yearly plan). This is an ideal situation for beginners, who want to get the hang of it. 

For growing businesses, the Shopify plan ($79/month or $39.44/month yearly plan) is ideal for you as it provides 5 staff accounts and up to 5 inventory locations with 88% shipping discount.

However, for established businesses, the advanced plan ($299/month or $147.78/month yearly plan) is best for you. You get 15 staff accounts, 8 inventory locations and 88% shipping discount. What else to ask for!

Market And Promote Your Store

After launching your store, it is critical to boost traffic and turn visitors into buyers..

What you can do is promote your Shopify store using a variety of tools. For that, you can get marketing suggestions straight from the Shopify marketing page. It is easy to do this by creating marketing activities and automated marketing. You might want to try boosting your SEO if you sell your goods through an online store. Also, create some extra promotional coupons that clients can use in your physical and online store. 

Always offer promotions to your regular and new customers, like seasonal specials and flash deals, to boost traffic and revenue in your shop.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook ads work like a magnet to generate audience traffic. For an effective social media marketing plan, do some groundwork and look for Facebook advertisements or any other social media sites in your niche. Research the leading companies in the dropshipping industry. Look at how the company interacts with its clients, how its feed is laid out and how much engagement it receives. You can even follow the feed to stay up to date.

We recommend you to use this knowledge to enhance your social media marketing scheme and create new ways for your dropshipping company to stand out.

Blogging And Influencer Marketing

Asking yourself the following questions can help you determine whether your brand influencers are a good fit and can they generate enough audience market for your brand.

  • What captivates this influencer's curiosity or passion?
  • Do my dropshipping store products share their passions or interests?
  • Does my brand align with the influencer's hobbies or interests? What if not?
  • Finding an influencer with similar interests to those of your brand is the objective here. The more naturally the influencer endorses your store, the more genuine it will feel. And the more genuine the recommendation seems to the influencer's audience, the more probable they will heed it.

Paid Ads

If you're starting with social media advertising, the average cost of a Facebook ad is about 97 cents per click. Products can perform well on scalable Facebook advertisements, which take advantage of consumers' propensity for impulse purchases.

Target long-tail keywords with Google Shopping Ads to reach consumers more likely to make a purchase. It is a known fact that Google advertisements typically have greater pricing competition, so it can be worthwhile to try them. .

Email Marketing

Did you know that among all digital marketing channels, email marketing has the best return on your investment? Practical email marketing aims to retain attention and encourage conversions into sales.

However, it goes beyond that. You make an ongoing line of communication with your clients, possibly via email marketing. A successful email campaign can help you connect with your clients more personally by providing them with helpful information about your dropshipping store and products.

Shopify Dropshipping Pros And Cons

Dropshipping has its share of benefits and difficulties like any other kind of business. 


Dropshipping enables you to launch an online store with relatively cheap startup expenses and a minimal entrance barrier. 

  • You won't have to worry about shipping or inventory.
  • There are no storage fees.
  • The products are ready for shipment.
  • You may work from any location at any time.


However, we want you to enter dropshipping with a complete understanding of the drawbacks, too. Therefore, the disadvantages of dropshipping are as follows.

  • Low margins of profit (initially).
  • There is fierce competition.
  • You have minimal influence over the supply chain.
  • It is a challenge to establish a brand.

Profitable Dropshipping Business On Shopify Today With Helloprint Create & Sell

For a profitable dropshipping business, we recommend Helloprint Create & Sell Shopify App. All you have to do is install the app and choose the products to customize with your design. Helloprint offers a variety of benefits, ranging from editing tools for simple product customization to seamless automation of orders processing and exceptional client service provided by experts.

In addition, with 189 print hubs in 18 countries, you can sell products globally and print locally, saving on shipping rates and reducing shipping distancies.

Start a dropshipping store today and make money!

Since items are only paid for and delivered after customers buy them, dropshipping on Shopify may be an excellent method for businesses to keep expenses down. Dropshipping may free up business owners' time to concentrate on marketing their goods and developing their brands.

Since they take care of your production and shipping. So what are you waiting for to take this golden egg opportunity?


What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business approach that enables you to conduct online sales without storing, managing stock. You will only need a dropshipping online partner to source the products you sell. When a buyer orders from your store, your supplier will send it to him directly. The supplier then directly ships the product to the buyer.

Why Start Dropshipping On Shopify?

With Shopify, you get easily your online store opened and direct access to dropshipping suppliers apps that do the heavy lifting for you. They help you stock, pack, and ship your products for you. 

How Much Can I Make Dropshipping On Shopify?

Sky's the limit, yes! Shopify dropshipping shops may earn anything from $100 to $100,000 per month, although $1000 to $2000 is a more reasonable estimate. The best course of action to increase your dropshipping revenue is to do a lot of research and have a profound knowledge of your market.

How Do I Start Dropshipping On Shopify?

You only have to follow the template above. The first step is to choose a profitable dropshipping niche. After you have done that, specify who your target market is. Then you'll need to find dropshipping providers. Then, you'll next need to create your online shop. And Finally, promote your dropshipping shop, Well Congratulations! Now you have your own dropshipping store on Shopify. 

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