Is Dropshipping Worth It In 2023 | Does It Still Work?

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The eCommerce industry saw a significant boom at the pandemic's peak – with the world returning to normal, there have been doubts about its sustainability. The question amongst beginners and those already in the business is, “is dropshipping worth it?". This article will summarise everything you need to know about dropshipping and its profitability in 2023. 

Does Dropshipping Still Work In 2023?

Yes, dropshipping still works in 2023– it is thriving! The question “is dropshipping still good in 2023” gets asked a lot,  especially amongst beginners who also ask, “should I do dropshipping?” – The answer will always remain “Yes.” Dropshipping is one of the most viable business models, and it doesn't require any capital or inventory to set up a store.

Is Dropshipping Worth It: The Pros And Cons Breakdown

It is confirmed that dropshipping still works in 2023, but is it worth it? To answer this question holistically, let us look into the pros and cons involved in the business.

The Pros

Little Investment

Dropshipping is one of the safest low-cost business ideas that require little or no investment to start.  Unlike the brick-and-mortar model, dropshipping eliminates the need for a warehouse or inventory. The chances of incurring debts to finance your business are meager. With dropshipping, you can start selling with zero inventory. 

Easy Entry

With no need for inventory and minimal cost requirements, it’s a no-brainer that dropshipping has one of the lowest barriers to entry into the business. Starting a dropshipping business can take you less than a day to set up everything you need. There are no geographical or regulatory barriers to setting up an online store. Plus, there’s no need to acquire licenses and permits. 


This is 2023, and ‘Flexibility’ is the one thing to look out for while chasing that paper. Dropshipping not only makes it easy for you to start up, but it also allows you to manage the business from anywhere. If you love exploring, the question ‘Should I start a dropshipping business?’ is easily answered for you. The business affords you the luxury of switching up your catalog. You can work from anywhere, at any time.

Simple Testing

Starting a new business can be slippery. There is no exact way to prove what will work or flop. There’s always the risk of losing your money on stale products. However, dropshipping allows you to test the waters with no actual investment! Is a product not moving for you? Then switch your catalog. You have the flexibility to add new products to your store without having to worry if customers are going to like them or not.

Product Diversity

Dropshipping gives you product diversity as there are millions of unique products you can pick from or add to your store. With the bondage of inventory eliminated, diversification is one of the elite perks of dropshipping.

The Cons

Despite the awesomeness of dropshipping, it has its limitations and downsides. Let us take you through some of them as you consider if dropshipping is worth it.


As a low-barrier business, you should expect fierce competition with the more popular niches and brands at the helm. As a newbie to the dropshipping scene, you’ll face larger retail businesses with better resources and solid branding. These businesses can afford to offer the lowest prices for the same products that you are selling. 

Little To No Products Control

As a fulfillment-order business, the retailer has no control over the products —the supplier determines everything. The supplier is in charge of the product, packaging, and direct shipment to the customer. The retailer only places the order and usually doesn’t have exclusive rights to the products.

Supply Chain Issues

In traditional business, store owners can trace and address the problem immediately. However, in dropshipping, problems are directed at the store owner, who has almost no control —practically at the mercy of the suppliers. Issues with the supply chain usually take several back-and-forths before it gets solved. Sometimes, core issues get lost in communication. Also, in dropshipping business, products are sourced from different suppliers, which results in complexities in dealing with varying return policies, shipping rates, and speed.

Processing Time

Dealing with suppliers means store owners cannot control the order processing duration. Sometimes, a product that typically takes less time to process gets delayed; the retailer is to deal with the issues arising from the customer front. This can be very bad for business.

No Customization Opportunities

Having no control over the products means there is zero chance for customization or building a brand with dropshipping. The products all bear the custom brand of the supplier, and the retailer appears to be just a salesperson. The way out is to choose branded dropshipping and use print on demand suppliers, like Helloprint Create & Sell.

Shipping Costs

Technology has made it easier to trade across countries, but it has not reduced shipping costs. Shipping costs can fluctuate anytime, affecting the seller's profit margins. 

Minimal Profit

It sure costs little or nothing to set up a dropshipping store and the same goes for the profit margin. Seeing as you put in little investment, the returns are also low, which means it will take a lot of sales to keep the business floating. Most of the money goes to the supplier, who controls most of the business supply. 

Furthermore, the store owner has to cover the cost of running the business, which leaves little on the table at the end of the day. After all these calculations, the question that often follows is, ‘is dropshipping still profitable? Let’s get into it.

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable?

The popularity of dropshipping might have dipped as the pandemic restrictions. Many people ask: Is dropshipping still profitable? The short answer is, YES, dropshipping is, indeed. A look at the growth projection of the industry indicates that even though the pandemic contributed to its boom, it is not entirely dependent on it. The market is growing at 28.8%, projected to be worth around $558 billion in 2025. 

Is Print On Demand The Same As Dropshipping?

Print-on-demand is a process in which you collaborate with a supplier to personalize items with your designs and sell them on a per-order basis under your brand. 

The significant difference between dropshipping and POD is in dropshipping, the supplier sells the product with their brand name and logo, whereas, with print-on-demand, your supplier creates the products based on your custom-made design.

So, Should I Start A Dropshipping Business In 2023

So many people ask, Is dropshipping worth it? Yes! Should I do dropship? Absolutely Yes! You have next to nothing to lose with this business model, so why not go ahead and give it a shot? However, it is not for you if you are looking for quick bucks – it requires strategy and patience.  

Try Out Printing On Demand With Helloprint Create & Sell

They say the best time to start is yesterday, the next best time is Now! Start your print-on-demand journey with Helloprint Create & Sell. We offer a wide range of quality and sustainable POD products to customize with your own brand and an extensive network of 189 suppliers in 18 countries to dropship your products globally. We do all the heavy lifting (processing, printing and shipping) so you can hit the ground running. We have a wide variety of 100% white-label and customizable products. Come on board and monetize your beautiful design with Helloprint Create & Sell. 


The competition in the dropshipping industry might have gotten higher, but so are the possibilities. Does dropshipping still work in 2023? Of course. With the projected market growth, there are enough opportunities for people looking to tap into the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

To answer the additional questions about whether dropshipping is worth it,  below are some top dropshipping FAQs.

Is Dropshipping Still Good In 2023?

Dropshipping will always be an excellent business to embark on in 2023. However, you might have to put in extra work and be sure to advertise your business well.

Is Dropshipping Worth It?

To reiterate what we have said earlier, is dropshipping worth it? A proper analysis shows that it is one of the safest businesses a person can start without fearing losing everything. Is dropshipping still profitable? Also, yes!

Can I Still Make Money Dropshipping?

Yes, you can still make money drop shipping. Dropshipping is a journey that requires consistency and patience, so buckle up.

Should I Start A Dropshipping Business?

Are you still asking ‘should I start a dropshipping business? You should absolutely go ahead and start building your business empire. 

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