How to Make Your Own Merch in 2023 | A Complete Guide for Artist

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Read our comprehensive guide if you want to know how to make merch for your fans. Discover useful tips on how to create your own merch and sell it. Find out what mistakes you should avoid.

How To Make Merch That You Can Sell Online In 2023

If you are a musician, blogger, artist, or any other online creator who regularly makes content, you must have been working hard to gather your followers. So why not give them a chance to support your work and brand by buying the merch you create? 

In this detailed review, we provide useful information on how to make merch and sell it, show you examples of branded items and talk about the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

how to make own merch
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Why Should Artists Make Merch?

The first answer to this question that comes to mind is money. There is no doubt that selling merchandise is a great way to increase one’s profit. However, there are other reasons why artists are creating merchandise. Below you can read about them in more detail.

Fan Engagement

Aside from creating great content, artists can form a strong community through consistent merchandising. T-shirts, teacups, bags, bracelets and many other items help artists to promote various events, gather a larger audience and drive organic traffic to their websites.

It Provides A Sense Of Community

When you make your own merch, you allow the existing fans to get more personal with you and feel more connected. Some artists let their fans participate in the process of creating merch by voting for certain designs, choosing items that they would like to purchase in the future, etc. It develops a strong sense of community, trust and loyalty.

Increased Brand Visibility

By launching your merch, you automatically increase brand awareness. Making merchandise is a creative way to promote upcoming events like tours, concerts, movies, fan meetings, or any other project in which you are participating.

It Boosts Web Traffic

As your brand becomes more recognizable, a large number of people will feel inclined to find your website and research your business using different search engines. In turn, it will improve your sales and boost web traffic. The more fans visit your online shop, the more potential customers you will get. 

It’s Easy

Launching merch on the market is quite cheap, efficient and simple. You will only have to think about custom designs, products you would like to sell (clothes, cups, bags, accessories, etc.) and subsequent advertising.

It Increases Profits

Creating merchandise can be a source of passive income for your brand. By selling your products, you not only give your fan base the opportunity to support your work but get a chance to increase your bankroll.

Why should artists make merch

Who Usually Needs To Make Their Own Merch

There are different types of online creators. However, not every artist with a large number of followers is selling their own merch. That is why below, we list 5 categories of performers that tend to create their own merch most often. 

Over the years, YouTube has become the most popular platform to share video content. YouTubers realize that selling their own merchandise will bring them extra profit and energize their fan base. Besides, advertising and cooperation with brands can be unstable. The best part in creating merch is that the YouTuber has full control over the process, including the design creation, online store management and promotion of the products.

Musicians Or Bands

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you must have seen hundreds and thousands of fans wearing custom T-shirts, holding designed cups or wearing bracelets from limited collections. It is a great tool for musicians and bands to attract more audiences to their concerts or tours and buy tickets. At the same time, by purchasing the merchandise, fans express their affection and love. 

Artists And Designers

When artists and designers create merchandise, they show their fans their creativity and artistic abilities. For designers, this is an attempt to win more audiences with their unique and professionally made products. For other types of artists, it’s an opportunity to unite their fans and translate their ideas not only into content but also into something that their supporters will be able to use every day.


Many influencers use various social media networks to launch their products and involve more followers in their projects. Selling merch will expand their fan base and also will contribute to their cooperation with other brands that influencers are interested in.

Content Creators

The last category of artists that create merch, but not the least is the content creators. Even if they do not advertise themselves too actively, they still have a content platform and a fan base that is eager to get to buy their merch. A large number of podcasters and online publishers will employ a variety of revenue-generating strategies. Creating and selling their own merch is one such strategy.

who need to make merch

Branded Merch Examples For Your Inspiration

Since you already know what types of artists produce merchandise and sell it, now it's time to take a look at some examples. Besides, the categories described below will be extremely useful if you are going to make your own merchandise.

Branded merch examples
Source: Amnesty International

YouTuber Merch

If you are running a YouTube channel and have already gathered a certain number of loyal followers, you can easily start making your own merch. Let’s take JackSepticEye as an example. He is a well-known Irish YouTuber with nearly 30 million followers. He gathered such a big audience thanks to his vlogs and reviews of video games.

Most of his  have a brand logo, which is a massive green eye with a blue iris. In 2019 his merch even entered the top 20 best-selling products on YouTube. Good product quality, a wide range of colors and reasonable prices attract a large number of his fans and make them purchase his merch regularly.

YouTuber Merch

Artist Merch

For artists, making their own merch is not only about growing their fan base. They do it to express their creativity and give their fans the opportunity to support their work and get a more personal connection. Recognized as one of the best rappers around and by some as one of the most talented rappers of the last 25 years, Sean Slick is a great example of such an artist. All the products in his merch store are designed according to his style and music he creates. Sean sells different products, like T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, bags, etc. on his merch Artist Store, created with Helloprint Create & Sell.

Asrtist Merch

Photographer Merch

Photographers can easily make their own merch and sell different products under their own brand since they have one advantage over artists or musicians. They already have a fairly large range of photos and designs, so there will be no problem for them to customize items by printing their incredible photographic works on them. Let's consider Gray Malin, a famous photographer from Los Angeles and his products. Gray created a beautifully designed site where he sells and shares new merch with his audience. 

Photographer Merch

Nonprofit Merch

Non-profit organizations need a constant source of money, so creating merch is a great option to get this money fast. As an example, we can name Amnesty International - a global organization that stands against the abuse of human rights. To support their campaigns, they have opened an online store where you can purchase various products from stickers to T-shirts. To cover as much of the audience as possible and gather funds, this nonprofit organization creates different collections.

Non-profit merch

Company Merch

Companies create merchandise to increase the recognition of their brand and promote their products and services among potential consumers. Let’s take a look at SpaceX and their official merch website. The range of their products is not very wide. You can buy T-shirts, outwear and accessories for men, women and kids with space-themed prints and SpaceX logo.

Company Merch

Influencer Merch

Merch allows influencers to be on the same wave with their fans and monetize their affection. A prime example is Kayla Itsines, who uses her popularity on social media to promote her own brand. She is a personal trainer, entrepreneur, and Instagram influencer from Australia. She’s created multiple training programs and launched her own merch line  with rollers, yoga mats, etc.

Influencer Merch

Band Merch

Music bands are constantly creating merchandise and selling it during their concerts, but also on various online platforms. The prime goal is to advertise ongoing and upcoming tours and concerts. As a rule, merch products can be purchased at the event location. However, to spice up the fans’ excitement, bands cooperate with various print-on-demand suppliers like Helloprint Create & Sell and distribute their merch online. Look at Tebi Rex. This Irish hip hop duo, founded in 2016 created their own logo that they now use as a trademark for the merchandise. In their Artist Store fans can buy T-shirts, hoodies, bags and face masks, available in different colors and sizes.

Band Merch

Sports Team Merch

Various tournaments and competitions attract millions of sports fans all around the world. For advertising purposes, sports teams make merch in limited editions that their fans are eager to get. It does not necessarily have to be the most popular Spanish club like Real Madrid. Small teams such as Valencia Firebats Football also create their merch and sell it on Artist Store by Helloprint Create & Sell.

Sports Team Merch

Most Popular Merch Items To Create

Many categories of products can be used for making merchandise - clothes, accessories, various pieces of technology, etc. Below we have reviewed items that are used for merch most often. Take a look to get more inspiration and see what items you can add to the catalog of your online shop.

Popular Merch Products
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell


It is nearly impossible to imagine merch making without apparel, as this category of goods is sold the most. Hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts are easy to customize with designs of various sizes and colors. In addition, they do not require large investments. These items are highly popular, as it is something that can be used every day and will not go out of style. Compared to other categories, apparel is the easiest one to customize with the help of online free design tools such as intuitive editors that are offered by most merch print on demand providers, including Helloprint Create & Sell.

apparell merch

Tech Accessories

One of the great ways to keep up with trends is to print your designs on tech accessories. You can customize and sell items that people use on a daily basis, namely, USB cables, chargers, headphones, power banks, mousepads etc. Start with a couple of designs and accessories in your catalog and see for yourself how fast you will attract new customers.

Since each of us uses a computer on a daily basis, a custom mousepad is a great way to diversify a work day or even simple information search on the Internet. Mousepads can become a bright addition to any computer-related activity.

Mugs And Bottles

Mugs and bottles are very practical as they are used a few times a day. There are rarely too many of them, and an extra cup and bottle may always come in handy. Make sure you include cups, coffee mugs and water bottles in your catalog of merch products. They are easy to print on, they come in various colors and shapes and are offered by the majority of merch suppliers, including Helloprint Create & Sell.


A bag is one of the best items when it comes to making your own cheap merchandise. In terms of promotional potential, bags are similar to T-shirts, because they are practical, you can take them anywhere, and they are always in demand.

Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Other Accessories

You can also use a lot of different accessories on which you can print your logo, quotes or designs. They include posters, key rings, caps, notebooks,  socks, face masks and many others. The range of products that you can use to make your own merch is limited only to your imagination and the resources of the supplier you chose.

To get more ideas for print-on-demand products, follow this link.

Features Of A Good Merch

Even if you have a large number of followers that will gladly purchase anything you are selling, it is important to remember that your popularity is not the only key to the success of your merch brand. Quality, creativity, and wearability are important factors that you need to pay close attention to when you make your own merch. 

Source: Helloprint Create & Sell


The merch you create is the face of your brand and business, so you need to invest in the quality of the products that you sell. This applies to materials that are used, color saturation, packaging, and most importantly, designs and logos that are printed on different items. It is true that 100% cotton is the best fabric for t-shirts as its natural fibers adhere well to the ink that is used for printing. 

It is crucial to take a close look at the white-label brands that POD suppliers work with. Since they offer different categories of products and materials, reputable POD providers like Helloprint Create & Sell pay a lot of attention to quality, eco and sustainable options.


The more creative your logo or design is, the more attention it will draw to your brand. Your fans expect your creativity to stand out among other brands. If you are seriously interested in how to make your own merch, you need to focus on creating unique designs and using different ideas. Merch with just your brand logo printed on it will not bring you a lot of profit and potential customers.


This feature echoes the first point - quality. The better the merch, the longer the product will serve the customers. If your fan buys a T-shirt and its print fades after the first wash, the feedback will not be positive and you lose a customer. The ink should stretch as the fabric does. Cracking indicates that curing was not properly performed, and the print will soon wash away. Touch and rub your fingers against the design to ensure the print quality is not poor. Helloprint Create & Sell allows you to order samples of the final products with the discount. It is the most effective way to check the wearability and overall quality of the items you are going to sell.

How To Create Your Own Merchandise

It can be challenging to start creating your own merchandise. The mass production model doesn’t work here because you have to create products that are related to your current activities and the content you create. Below we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to make merch and turn it into an additional source of income.

How to create merchandise

Define Your Brand

Before you come up with design ideas, first you need to define your brand. It needs to be done carefully and early on before the market does it for you. In that way, you will present your brand and merchandise exactly how you want your fans to see it. You can start by creating a killer logo or a quote you want to be the key feature of your merch, along with identifying the products that correspond to your content. Choose a few specific categories of goods that will be sold in order to form a permanent customer base.

Get To Know Your Audience

To get the maximum profit, you need to think about who your consumers are. To get a better understanding of your potential customers prior to merch making, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Who’s going to purchase your custom goods?
  • Why did your fans start following you?
  • Are there any inside jokes, phrases, or funny stories that your followers like?
  • What kind of merch products would they appreciate the most?

The best way to get answers to these questions is to ask your audience directly. You can run a poll on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform that you use to interact with your fans. You'll be able to make your own merchandise with confidence that your fans will like and purchase it. Besides, followers always want to participate and feel as if they are assisting you behind the scenes.

Check Out Other Content Creators

In addition to surveys, you can also be inspired by other artists and content creators that are successful in creating merch. Check out their websites, what products they sell, what designs are popular, and what POD suppliers they work with. It is also important to look at the range of colors and fabrics that are used, as well as compare offered prices and shipping periods.

Brainstorm Cool Designs

Now it’s time to create cool ideas for your products based on your skill set and decide which ones you want to offer to your fans. There are several ways in which you can come up with designs:

  • Create them yourself.
  • Have them developed by a professional designer.
  • Use ready-made designs. 

When creating and choosing the designs for your soon-to-be-made merch, carefully decide what colors and styles you want to offer. 

If you create the merchandise under your brand using design tools by merch print on demand provider, you can easily try out new designs and improve the existing ones with the help of a design editor. It allows you to change texts, colors and fonts, and test which ones work best with your audience. As all the designs and logos are printed only after an order is placed, so there is no need to keep stock with designs that are not that popular among customers.

Do not hesitate to ask your followers for their input. After all, they will be the ones who will buy these products, so you need to make sure that they will actually like them.

Mock Up Your Products

Sooner or later, your fans will need to see photos or videos of your merchandise. We advise that you use the platforms where you can build mock-ups with engaging visuals for free and use design templates. Order a sample of your merch before promoting it on any website or social media. If applicable, test their wearability in a variety of situations. It will show you if you need to go with a different design, fabrics and materials.

Mock-up print on demand products
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Bulk Manufacturer vs. Print-On-Demand Partner

The next step in our guide on how to make a merchandise is choosing the right provider that will take care of your orders, manufacture the ordered products and ship them. This way you will not have to deal with any warehouses where you would have to keep all the inventory. But what option is the best for you - bulk manufacturing or print-on-demand service? Let’s see.

Bulk Manufacturing

Bulk manufacturing takes time. Adding new products to your store can take weeks. Besides, it makes it difficult to test new designs and impossible to respond quickly to trends. However, it all depends on the content you create and the size of your audience. With bulk manufacturing you can fully control the final product, plus, the price per one item will be cheaper. You can consider this manufacturing method to create your own merch if you are 100% sure there is high demand for your products, otherwise, you will be losing money.

Using A Print-On-Demand Service

You can use print-on-demand service to make your own merchandise. It is more popular among artists, due to its simplicity, convenience, no commitments and upfront costs for buying stock. The overall process of selling print-on-demand merch is straightforward - you design products and sell them in your online store, either connected to print-on-demand supplier or made on its platform. Next, customers place their orders that are processed and fulfilled by the provider you cooperate with, who as well ships the orders to your fans. No effort on your side. One of the best on print-on-demand providers that will help you implement all your ideas and take care of orders fulfillment and their delivery is Helloprint Create & Sell.

With print-on-demand model you will have only two focus points - designs and marketing. You also don’t need to worry where your fans live and limit your deliveries to the warehouse location. For example, Helloprint Create & Sell has a network of 180 print suppliers in 18 countries, so you can sell your merchandise worldwide. Ordered items are manufactured at the closest points to your fan’s location to ensure speedy deliveries and reduce shipping rates. The packages are delivered in the shortest time possible, and while the fans are waiting for their orders they can track them using a special tracking number.

All the necessary information regarding POD for beginners you can find in this article.

Start Your Own Merch Shop Instantly With Helloprint Create & Sell Artist Store Solution

If you are an artist, social media influencer, content creator or you have your own band, do not miss the opportunity to create an exclusive merch shop with Artist Store solution from Helloprint Create & Sell and start selling products that will be absolutely loved by your audience instantly. 

The overall process could not be easier. You create and customize your on-platform store in minutes with no coding skills required, no need to buy a domain or pay subscription for an e-commerce platform. Then you choose the products from our Catalog, add your designs and put no effort in anything but promoting your store, while Helloprint Create & Sell will take care of all payments, orders fulfillment and shipping to your fans.

Implement your ideas and designs into merch with our Artist Store and get ready to enjoy stable profit and close personal connection to your fans.

Creating Merchandise Using Own Brand

Creating Merchandise Using Sub-brand Vs. Your Own Brand

Sub-branding is when the primary brand creates a subsidiary or secondary brand. Its main purpose is to attract new audiences and maintain relationships with them. Often sub-brands have their own brand standards, logos, color schemes and other attributes.

Successful sub-brands help in advertising and raising the awareness of the parent brand. However, sub-branding requires extra costs to be spent on the maintenance of a new brand. Besides, customers may confuse the main brand and the sub-brand, which is bad for the company.

When you create merchandise under your own brand, the bond between you and the final product is straight, because you control every step and process. So, if you are just at the early stages of merch making and don’t know how to make a merchandise as a professional yet, you better focus on the production of products under your own brand first.

How much does it cost to make your own merch
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own Merch

The cost of making your own products depends entirely on you and your niche.

Obviously, you can make merch for free at home using homemade stencils, fabric paints, plain T-shirts, etc. However, by trying to save more money, you lose in quality and the range of products that you want to sell will be limited to a few items. 

If you decide to go for stock, usually, small items cost from 2 to 10 dollars. This category includes stickers, postcards, posters, badges and so on. Music products like CDs or vinyl records are more expensive and their cost starts from 10-25 dollars. Clothing items like shirts, hoodies, bags, pants, caps and other accessories usually cost about 11-65 dollars per item. 

The smart move in this situation is to make your branded merch with a print on demand company. Usually they guarantee the most competitive prices, a wide variety and high quality of white label products. For example, at Helloprint Create & Sell catalog you can find apparel of such well known white label  brands as Stanley/Stella, Bella+Canvas, Gildan and others and customize them with your logo or artwork. 

In this case you keep no stock, as all the products are printed on demand only after the sale is made, then Helloprint Create & Sell will fulfill the order, so your customer will pay the cost of product plus margin you set for it to make profit that you will get then as revenue to your account. So no investment on your side.

How to choose merch making ompany

How To Choose A Merch Making Company

As it was already mentioned, you need a merch-making company to implement all your ideas and transfer them to different products. But how can you select the right company that will get your merch made? Below we have listed the most important criteria so that you can make the right choice.

Printing Mediums

A reputable merch manufacturer must provide you with a wide range of tools and supplies to ensure the high quality of the final product. Carefully examine printing mediums that are offered by multiple companies and opt for one that has qualitative fabrics and materials, use quality paints, and other components that are necessary for the production of your products. 


Define the price range and pick a company that allows you to stay within that range. If you are just making the first steps in merch making, it is not a good idea to invest large sums of money. Compare prices that are offered by many providers and pick one that is the most beneficial. Check out Helloprint Create & Sell catalog for pricing, as with 180 suppliers and smart pricing algorithms, we offer the most competitive prices on the market.

Shipping Speed And Returns

Your efforts to increase brand recognition and attract loyal customers may fail if deliveries take too long or if you charge extra to compensate for expensive shipping. You should keep the following parameters in mind when selecting the merch making company:

  • Production time after the order is placed by a customer. 

Tip: Usually print-on-demand companies have up to 72 hours fulfillment time, because your merch will be printed only after the order has been placed on your website by your customer, then it gets automatically rooted to the fulfillment center. Keep in mind that this time should be added to the shipping time.

  • Regions that are available for deliveries. 

Tip: If you choose print-on-demand merch supplier, pay attention both to which regions does it ship and what are the manufacturing regions, cause both factors influence the shipping speeds and costs. 

  • Standard delivery time. 

Tip: Most print-on-demand companies suggest various shipping methods. The price shown on the websites is usually the standard or economy delivery option and will depend on the destination region 

  • Shipping costs and insurance.

Tip: Shipping costs depend both on distancies, shipping method and company chosen. Check the shipping costs in advance to the countries you plan to sell your merchandise. 

  • Product return policy.

Tip: Pay attention and read carefully, how the returns can be made. Usually this is not the first information you see at the website, but it’s worth taking effort to find and read it carefully.

Helloprint Create & Sell allows you to produce merch locally on demand, but ship globally due to the broad supplier network in 18 countries. This helps to reduce both shipping costs and distances, because the order will most likely be routed to the fulfillment center in the country, where you customer is located.

Products Quality

As mentioned earlier, it is important to check the quality of the product before getting merch made. Explore the market and read reviews left by companies that cooperated with different suppliers. The majority of the well-known white-label brands that print on demand suppliers work with, have their own websites that you can check in advance.

Another way to examine the quality of the final merch item is to order a few samples. This way you can take a closer look, touch the product, and test its usage and wearability if it is a piece of clothes. Remember that low-quality merch will alienate your fans and customers.

Minimum Order Volume

You need to pay attention to the minimum order volume if you want to use bulk manufacturing. However, we would not recommend you to commit to ordering a large number of pieces that you may or may not sell. As a rule, the minimum order volume starts with 150-200 items and is different for each company. 

You do not have to worry about a minimum order volume and stock investment if you decide to use print-on-demand service. In print-on-demand model each item is manufactured only after the order is placed. It allows you to be free from preordering many products that you may or may not sell in the future.

How to sell merch you've made

When you’ve chosen your merchandise making company, now you need to bring your merch products online. You may create a custom online store. But if you want to save yourself some trouble, easier to use e-commerce platforms or marketplaces. Once you have your products online, it’s time to promote it to watch the orders rain in.

Follow this link (Link to /How to promote merch/) and read about the best ways you can promote your merchandise.

Generate A Word Of Mouth

The effectiveness of this type of advertising is almost difficult to measure, but at the same time, it costs you nothing. You can ask your audience to try your product, make special gift vouchers for them, provide an online platform for influencers to share their opinions, etc. The more people with a large audience share the word about the merch that you create, the better. 

Integrate The Products Into Your Content

To increase sales, you need to integrate custom products into your content. Mention your merchandise in your videos, podcasts, and posts on social media. Try to attract the audience as much as possible by uploading appealing images of your fans or yourself wearing the merch. However, make sure not to make advertising too intrusive, as it can alienate potential customers.

Promote On Social Media

You need to actively promote your merch making activities on social media. A significant part of your audience comes to your online shops directly from such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others. Make sure you use targeted advertising and leave the relevant links that will take your fans straight to the official merch website. You can use special hashtags to attract users from different accounts. Moreover, cooperate with bloggers that have thousands and millions of subscribers so that you gain more customers who are not specifically your fans. Go for cool collabs, giveaways and other engagement activities.

How to increase demand for merch

The right approach to merch making promotion can help your brand grow. Despite the fact that you might have huge popularity on the Internet, do not neglect the increase in demand opportunities for your merch. Below we explain how you can draw more interest to your products.

Run A Presale

Presale is a reliable way to launch an advertising campaign for your own made merchandise before its official release. This method will increase the interest of the premium audience, and your fans will know what to expect from your products. By pre-ordering, your followers will show how much they are interested in buying T-shirts/badges/posters that you sell so that you can adjust your e-commerce business strategy accordingly.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising will help you to connect with the right audience for sure. Contact PPC advertising specialists, and they will do everything for you. Paid ads are effective as they will pop up in YouTube videos that people are watching and on multiple web pages that your fans visit every day. It will help you track the number of followers that got interested in your products.

Partner With An Influencer

Another way to promote the created merch, if your fanbase is not yet that big is to partner with an influencer or blogger. In this way, you will expand the range of potential buyers and get more fame. The main thing is to cooperate with the right influencer that posts content that might be interesting for your audience. 

Not every artist knows how to make merch, so obviously there are a lot of mistakes made during the process, especially if they do it for the first time. We’ve collected the most popular mistakes below, so you can avoid them in the future.

The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

Not every artist knows how to make merch, so obviously there are a lot of mistakes made during the process, especially if they do it for the first time. We’ve collected the most popular mistakes below, so you can avoid them in the future.

Poor Quality Products

Agree that if you buy a hoodie from your favorite band and it tears after the first wear, you will at least be upset, and most likely, won't buy anything else. That’s why it is important to pay close attention to the quality of your merch. No one wants to pay money for something they will use only once or twice. That is why you need to choose a reputable merch-making company and pay attention to white-label brands it uses to produce your custom merch.

Slow At Shipping

When people order any product, they expect it to be delivered as soon as possible. Perhaps in a few days at most. However, if they wait for weeks or months, the pleasure of receiving a purchase will be replaced by irritation. Don't try to save money on shipping, because in the end, it can cost you a large number of customers that will never return to your online shop. Remember that reputable print on demand suppliers take care of shipping and you can check the delivery time for any region. It’s important you clearly indicate the shipping time on your website.

Poorly Designed Website

Another enemy of merch is the user-unfriendly website. If the merch site is inconvenient to use and its operation is regularly interrupted by errors and bugs, what does it say about your merch making brand? A potential customer, having seen a bad website, may leave without even getting acquainted with the catalog of available goods. Make sure that the online shop has a modern and simple design, its content is well-organized and the interface is easy to navigate. 

Not Thinking The Designs Through

When you make your own merch, keep in mind that the designs should be interesting, memorable and eye-catching. You may be tempted to pack your website with as many designs as possible to give your customers a large variety of options. However, in most cases, it is very confusing for them. That is why you need to select a few primary designs and switch them up from time to time. It will show you which designs are liked the most.

Start Making Merchandise Today With Helloprint Create & Sell

Start making merchandise

As you’ve seen, creating and selling your merch is not the easiest thing to do. Though we’ve got you covered with the integrated technology solution for printing and creating merchandise. Whatever idea you may have, Helloprint Create & Sell allows you to implement it with no hassle on your side. High quality products, most competitive prices and fast deliveries to your fans worldwide are guaranteed. 

For your instant start with no risk, no upfront costs, no commitments, inventory and no coding skills required we have developed the easiest solution to design, source, print and ship merch products - the Artist Store - your custom branded online shop on our platform.

Read more about Artist Store and how it helps to start easily merch business here.


Are you ready to implement your creative ideas into merch products and start selling them? Whether you are a YouTuber or Instagram influencer, artist or blogger  by making your own merchandise, you will always have something unique for your fans that will make them come back for more. In our detailed guide on how to make your own merch, we shared useful information about each step of the merch production process so that you come prepared. Entertain your audience with interesting designs, and good-quality goods and start making extra profit. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Make Merch?

Merch is a great way to get closer to your audience and enlarge your fan base, as well as advertise your brand and get a new revenue stream.

Which Are The Most Popular Merch Items To Sell?

The most popular merch items are the following: T-shirts, hoodies and other pieces of apparel, mugs, bags, tech accessories and small items like hats, badges, key rings, stickers etc.

How Do I Make My Own Merch?

To make your own merch, you need to define your brand, select a few categories of items you are going to sell, generate unique designs, select the bulk supplier or print-on-demand supplier and either create your own website or use eCommerce online platforms to sell your goods online.

How To Choose A Merch Making Company?

Consider a few important criteria - prices, delivery time and return policy, minimum order volume that is required, and the quality of the best solutions for print on demand products.

How Do I Sell My Merch?

To sell your merch, you need to promote your product as much as possible by creating a word of mouth, integrating the merch into your content and actively advertising it on social media with the help of influencers, streamers and other online creators with a big audience.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Merchandise?

The cost of merchandise creation depends on the used materials and the quality of printing. Small items like stickers or keychains cost approximately 2-10 dollars. CDs or vinyl records - 10-25 dollars. Clothing items and bags are more expensive and may cost 11-65 dollars per item.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Make Merch?

It depends on a few factors - your region, the type of content you create and the platform where you post this content. If we are talking about YouTube, you can start creating your merch as soon as you have 1000 subscribers.

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