Cool Merch Ideas To Inspire Your Own | Best Ideas For Merchandise In 2023

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Now, more than ever, your merchandise is noticed. Your ability to attract new customers will significantly aid your ability to create unique items, gain more profit, and keep your current fans' attention. To get cool merch ideas, read this article to the end.

What Type Of Merch Sells Best?

Increasing your brand's visibility can be challenging, so you shouldn't jump into selling merch without considering your audience's reaction. However, merchandising is a simple yet effective strategy if you want to boost your brand awareness, and these three factors should be your guideline regarding the type of merch that sells best.

High-Quality Of Print And Item

High-quality products and prints will always sell, and nobody wants a low-quality product or design that would fade or wear off after a short time. So, when considering ideas for a merch business, sourcing and making great quality products and prints is your sure bet. 

Creative Design

The whole point of making merch is to sell your creativity. Unique creative designs will turn your product into a bestseller. It could be your canvas paintings; with the help of professional designers or using a design editor, offered by print-on-demand merch suppliers, you can turn them into beautiful merch design ideas that will stand out.


If you want your merch to be the best seller, put them in people’s faces – How? Make it wearable. The easiest way to have your brand everywhere is to make it something people want to wear, like shirts, jumpers, or a tote bag. This way, people in the target demographic will notice it.

Best Merch Ideas For 2022

While the common objective is to connect with your audience, there’s always the opportunity to create a profit-making business. You’ll need the best merch ideas to accomplish this. Here’s our list of top creative merch ideas.

Custom T-Shirts and Tanktops

Custom t-shirts and tanktops
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

The most dependable and standard merch product for any brand or influencer is custom t-shirts and tank tops. It is a product that gives you a wide creativity range as it can sync perfectly with any design, graphics, or writeups. If you’re considering this, you can start by creating a list of potential designs that captures the essence of your group, brand, or audience. Unarguably one of the most excellent merch ideas


Custome tote bags
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Bags have been around for eons because they are one of the most practical inventions ever. Simply because of that, this item remains the most fabulous merch idea and popular all year round. Providing customers with tote bags is a great way to provide them with a casual and inexpensive bag alternative.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

custom sweatshirts and hoodies
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Just like t-shirts and tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies are other everyday clothing best for making merch. Firstly, they’re trendy and unarguably a must-have staple in everyone’s closet. Whether you’re looking for a product to build a merch brand around or for just another product to add to your store, sweatshirts and hoodies are a good merch idea, especially when they are comfy and durable. 

Phone cases

Custom phone cases
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

With the help of technology and POD companies, you can now have your designs on phone cases. The only downside is that they only support a segment of a few gadgets (iPhones). You should consider selling iPhone cases if you check your stats and see that most of your fans use iPhones.

Mouse Pads

Custom mouse pads
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Mouse pads are one of the cheap merch ideas you should consider. With the recent increase in remote working, people are now putting more thought into customizing their home office area, and mouse pads are one of them. It is a cool gadget many will love seeing in fun, beautiful merch designs. 


Custom posters
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

This merch idea brings you both promotional and monetary value. It is an effective way to publicize your brand, especially for artists. People love to adorn their personal space with posters/wall art that speaks to them or of something they like – you can feed into this niche by creating unique branded posters, framed posters, posters on hangers for interiors, etc. Just have a look at stunning options to customize in our Catalog.

CDs And Vinyl Records

custom vinyl records
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Custom-pressed vinyl records are all the rave now; it is one of the best merch ideas for artists looking to connect with their fan base. They can be pretty pricey, but it is alright if your fans are crazy about you – and can afford them.


custom socks
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

With a market cap of US$12.51 billion in 2022, the socks industry is a goldmine. It is an excellent merch idea for your online store. If you already have sneakers and hoodies in your catalog, socks will be a great add-on to complete the look. People love to show off their matching designed socks, you should give them that.

Caps And Beanies

custom caps and beanies
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Caps and beanies are cute custom merch ideas.  They have been growing in popularity over the years — especially ones with fun illustrations. The beanies will sell out more during the cold seasons. 


custome stickers
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

You might consider this product if you’re looking for simple fun merch ideas. Stickers are among the most adaptable possibilities for influencer merch. They can display their brand loyalty creatively, sticking them on the fridge, backpack, pen, office desk, etc. Their cost is low, and they create a powerful image of your brand.

Custom Mugs

Custom mugs
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Custom mugs are another standard product on the print-on-demand scene. Countless people begin each day with a hot beverage such as coffee or tea. So, you might be well to start with them by putting your brand in their faces with custom mugs. Aside from stickers, custom-made mugs are another adorable product idea for merch.


The days of boring practical keychains are over. –Now, everyone wants a fun keychain that will go with their aesthetics or represent something. Think of adding unique keychains to your merch catalog. If you can personalize them, that would be great too. 

Notebooks and calendars

Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

There are several reasons why notebooks make awesome influencer merch. Notebooks and calendars are a great way to have your brand name everywhere. Younger followers who are still in school can help spread the word about your company by using branded notebooks at school. 

Tips On How To Come Up With Your Own Merch Design Ideas

Coming up with a merch design idea that aligns with your brand and your audience/customers is very delicate. There are tons of ideas to pick from, but you must narrow them down. Let’s help you create your unique merch ideas with these suggestions.

Think About Your Own Signature Style

You must think about your signature style. There must be something unique to only you. For example, Chance the Rapper is known for always wearing a cap and has never been seen without it – this is his signature. As such, if you have a similar signature, you should channel your merch to fit your niche – this way, your audience knows your brand.

Pay Attention To What Your Audience Is Interested In

You should not be scared to experiment when starting – this will help you to find out what your audience wants. For artists and creative creators, you should note your typical audience's fashion/behavioral patterns for artists and creators. Are the emo or goth fans, conservatives, or stylish people? This will go a long way to determining your niche products.

Check Out Your Competitors

Find out how your competitors are marketing their products and what works and doesn't in sales, design, pricing, branding, and market segments.  You can also pick their keyword utilization from this analysis. 

Making Merch Is Easy With Helloprint Create & Sell

With this information now, you’re almost ready to start your branded product business idea. All you need do is choose any of the items listed above, add your custom designs, and print on demand. Interestingly. These processes are easy with Helloprint Create & Sell. We provide you with the right resources and merchandise ideas that’ll always sell. Get in touch today for more guidance.


The most significant way to raise brand awareness is to provide your followers with the best merchandise and use the appropriate tools and printing services to bring your merchandise ideas to life. Get to work with fun merch ideas from our most refined merchandise list. The easiest way to do it is to start your merch artist store on our platform - without no coding, no investment, and stock you can easily open your online merch shop and customize the best products that fit your brand with your design, we will process, print and ship your products on demand once they are ordered with no effort on your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Merch Sells Best?

T-shirts are the best-selling merch items of all time, and it is a thriving market that will always be in demand.

Which Are The Best Merch Items To Use In 2022?

Since it contains popular clothing items like hoodies, joggers, and sweatshirts, sportswear is a great market.

How Do I Come Up With My Own Merch Design Idea?

As we had detailed earlier, here are a few steps:

  • Study your target customers
  • Pick out cool merch ideas
  • Check out your competition.

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