Best Products To Sell On Shopify 2023| The Most Popular Items To Sell On Shopify

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The e-commerce industry has seen a significant boom since the pandemic and with the restrictions easing up, the market is flourishing. Platforms like Shopify have made it easy for an average person to kickstart their online business store and maximize profit with low investment. If you are considering joining the online business model and are wondering what products to sell on Shopify 2023, this guide will give you all the details you might need to hit the ground running.

An Introduction To Shopify

Shopify is to store owners what WordPress is to bloggers. It’s a household name in the E-Commerce industry and a platform that helps you sell products to customers worldwide. As the e-commerce business model is spreading and firmly taking its place in our society, every business owner wants a piece of the pie, leading to the need to set up an online store. An online store where they can showcase and carry out transactions with their customers and even more —this is where a platform like Shopify comes in. 

Shopify is a facilitator that simplifies the otherwise cumbersome operation of online businesses like the Shopify print-on-demand business model. The platform does not only cater to online store owners but also the brick-and-mortar businesses with Shopify POS. There are some popular items to sell on Shopify for first-time store owners. They offer a 14-day free trial, after which you must pick up a subscription plan.

The subscription plan starts as low as $29 monthly. However, more experienced business owners can opt for Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus. If you are thinking of starting an online store and are wondering what good products to sell on Shopify, let’s give you some tips.

The Most Popular Items To Sell On Shopify

With more people opting to shop from the comforts of their homes, despite the COVID restrictions waning slowly, setting up an online store with Shopify is another way to get ahead of the trend and make money online.

There are many products to sell on Shopify in 2023, which can be a nightmare to pick from, but no need to worry; we have done the research and handpicked the best products to sell on Shopify, especially if you’re into branded dropshipping.


No matter how wrecked the world is, humans will always find a way to adapt their style to it. Fashion commodities are one of the hot items to sell on Shopify. Even though the market took a hit with the onset of coronavirus, the fashion e-commerce industry is tipped to hit a $672.71 billion valuation by 2023. In 2021, the sales of fashion items hit $180.5 billion in the US alone and are expected to hit $295.7 billion by 2025. Take a look at some of the fashion items to sell on Shopify:


Whatever season, people will always have clothing on their backs, which is why it’s one of the best products to sell on Shopify. It has a low digital entry barrier for anyone to market and sell their goods worldwide. Of course, the market is saturated. However, you can carve out your space—men’s or women’s, or children’s clothing— with proper marketing and branded quality product like sweatshirts, tank tops, joggers, flannels, etc.

Purses And Handbags

Purses and handbags are other booming categories in the fashion industry. This category is projected to have a CAGR of 12.3% between 2016 and 202, and it is a worthy investment. Tote bags, for example, have become a fashion staple in high demand, especially those customized with unique graphic designs on it. A good addition to your branded dropshipping business.

Shoes And Sneakers

Shoes and sneakers alike are something people will never do without, which shows the market opportunities in the industry. The market value is projected to peak from  $365.5 billion in 2022 to $530.3 billion in 2027. 

Fashion Sunglasses

Sunglasses will always be one of the trending items to sell on Shopify, and it is a  popular accessory amongst several target demographics, especially during the summer. 


Technology is another booming niche in the e-commerce industry. With the spread of technology to every nook and cranny of the world, technology accessories are in high demand. Mobile cases, mouse pads, laptop batteries, etc, are among the most popular items to sell on Shopify.

Mobile And Tablet Cases

As smartphones are taking over the world, their fragility does not go unnoticed by their users. Hence, the need for cases to protect them and also adorn them. Examples are custom mobile and tablet cases with anime characters design. It’s one of the undermined products to sell on Shopify and perfect for the POD business model.

Mouse Pads

From the avid gamer to the work-from-home mom, everyone needs a mouse pad to protect their mouse from wearing out, or maybe just to decorate their space. Custom mouse pads are in trend now; with the help of POD services like Helloprint Create & Sell, you can sell customized mouse pads on Shopify.


Everyone needs a computer these days, from a toddler entertained by cartoon videos online to students and working-class people. Computers are one of the top products to sell on Shopify 2023.

Home And Living

The pandemic restrictions saw more people investing in personal space, decor, and home accessories. The market grew exponentially, and it has continued to peak. 

Photo gifts

In a very digital world, photo gifts are a very simple but amazing way to display a loving memory that can last a lifetime. Always unique it shows the personal touch and great meaning behind the photo itself.

Pet Toys and Accessories

This diverse niche opens you to a wide range of products to add to your catalog. The pet toy market is projected to reach US$ 3.7 Billion by 2027. It’s one of the best items to sell on Shopify in 2023. The product lines include; training toys, chew toys, stuffed plush toys, etc

Kids Products

Kid's products or baby goods will always be one of the popular items to sell on Shopify. It’s a large market that makes it easy to add to your catalog. With a market value of $202.4 billion in 2020, it is predicted to grow 8.1% from 2021 to 2028.


If you think selling aprons online might sounds ridiculous, think again! It’s one of the safest and most popular items you can sell on Shopify, especially when branded with a unique design. Custom aprons are also in style; think of the opportunities when you pair them with other kitchen items.

Cushions and Bedding

A lovely cushion and bedding set can do wonders for the aesthetics of one’s home and also help in creating a relaxing environment. Little wonder the market is ever thriving. The global home bedding market was valued at USD 87.05 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2022 to 2030. 

Health And Beauty

Staying healthy and looking good is one of the non-negotiables in life; it's a market that caters to everyone and never goes out of season. Global e-commerce sales in the health and beauty category are predicted to reach roughly 449.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2027. It’s a solid business idea that will never go out of trend, and the only downside is that the market might be overly saturated.

Wall Art

Wall arts are all the rave now, specially customized wall art. With more people working from home since the pandemic, there’s been this urge to personalize and spruce up their space with cool wall art like; 


Whether it’s framed posters or posters with hangers, selling posters is an excellent option for artists who want to share their work. Even if you’re not an artist but have access to fantastic poster images, they can also be sold as merch. Posters require little or no stress as most of the processes are automated with POD service providers like Helloprint.


Canvas is another wall art item you can sell on Shopify. Customized canvas prints and paintings are luxury products that are sold for exorbitant prices online. Again, even if you’re not an artist or designer, you can still make money selling this item.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are creative business ideas that cost less than most businesses, are an easily scalable, and great way to build your branding. 


The list is endless as there are several other popular items to sell on Shopify. Let’s add bonus items that you might want to consider. 

Water Bottles and Mugs 

Selling water bottles and mugs might seem odd, but it’s a profitable market that you should totally check out, especially if you intend to start branded dropshipping. Customized water bottles and mugs are essentially one of the best items to sell on Shopify even. 

Sandwich boxes

Sandwich boxes are in high demand for cute outdoor picnics and lunch takeaways. An item that can go together with custom picnic blankets. It will make a great addition to your online store.

Vinyl LPs And CDs

Vinyl LPs and CDs have made a comeback and are selling out quickly across broad. You can make a fortune selling vintage CDs.

white pillow with design, beige tote bag with blue paw print, light pink colorful poster in black thin frame, green soft hoodie, white reusable bottle , black mug, custom design mousepad

Trending Items To Sell On Shopify And How To Find Them

Amongst the sea of items that you can sell online, finding the right products to sell on Shopify in 2023 is quite tedious and tricky. Learning consumer habits and staying atop trends is key to succeeding in this competitive market. Here are some directions to guide you:

Product Research Tools

Product research tools are software that makes your research a lot easier as you can use them to find best-selling items automatically. It can search vendors, locate the things that have sold the most in a given period, and extract the findings for you. You can save a lot of time by utilizing this tool. All that remains is for you to compare and pick the best suits you. Tools like Trend Hunter, Google Trends, and Google keyword planner provide precise insights. 

Check Out Other E-commerce Platforms

Another way to find top items to sell on Shopify is to check out other e-commerce platforms like eBay or Amazon’s bestsellers tab to get an idea about the most popular items sold. Amazon has one of the most insightful ranking systems. They allow you to see products that are selling out and rank them according to performance. Their BSR gets updated by the hour, and you can get helpful information about top products in any category or subcategory.

Social Media Trends

Social media trends have played decisive roles in the past in bringing about a surge in market sales —and it’s still playing that role. It’s an effective tool for marketing and also, for brand awareness. Studying hashtags on social media, what influencers are talking about, and trending posts is vital, and it will help you better manage what products to sell on Shopify.

Trending News 

Checking out trending news is another way to know what products sell best on Shopify. Since time immemorial, the news has been a tool for influencing people globally; trending news always has a way of driving conversations and actions of people. It is a tool that you should not overlook.

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Sell Best Customized Products On Shopify With Print-on-Demand By Helloprint Create & Sell

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Now you are equipped with the right products and tools to start your online store on Shopify without needing a warehouse or high investment. Be sure to conduct adequate research before taking off your store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Are The Most Popular Items To Sell On Shopify In 2023?

Several items are competing for this spot, but going by Shopify's statistics, they include the following: Power tool accessories, pet toys, and Costume shoes.

How Do I Know The Trending Items To Sell On Shopify?

Determining trending items to sell on Shopify is relatively easy with the following steps:

  • Using product research tools
  • Following social media trends 
  • Reviewing other e-commerce websites

Which Are The Best Print On Demand Products To Sell On Shopify In 2023?

Some of the best print-on-demand products you can add to your Shopify store catalog are: mugs, wall art, t-shirts, hoodies.  

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