Best Dropshipping Products To Sell And Make Profit In 2023

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2023 is one of the best years to start a dropshipping business. There are many tools and providers to earn remotely, but we recommend it as one of the best ways to make money from home. The problem, though, is it’s often difficult to find profitable niches or products. But in this article, we’ll help you discover these best dropshipping products to sell.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

How does dropshipping works

Dropshipping is an online sales model whereby you run your own online store without any inventory, then ship the products you sell directly from a third-party vendor to the customer.  Although there are people still wondering “what is dropshipping?”, this model has been booming lately.

The idea is that you don't have to invest in warehouse space or worry about buying before sales. A dropshipping store owner typically only needs to pay a dropshipping supplier once a purchase is made and the customer’s orders are shipped directly from the supplier. And he makes his profit. Simple. Moving forward, we’ll explore exactly how to find the best dropshipping products to sell.

How To Find Top Products To Dropship And Sell

Finding products to dropship depends on many factors. Basically, your dropshipping business will depend mainly on the suppliers, market niche, and products you can promote. Let’s see some of the ways to find top dropshipping products easily.

How to find products for dropshipiing and sell

Trending vs Niche

For beginners, one of the fastest ways to find the best dropshipping products is to observe niches and trending products. Trends simply tell you the buying pattern of people at a particular period —which means you can ride the trend and look for products that are selling like hotcakes for a period. On the other hand, niches with low competition and higher search volume are also your best bet.

Use Special Tools

Interestingly, there are special tools available that have made researching and observing niches, and trends a lot easier. With these, we can dig into product niches, get stats on products, and figure out the best items to dropship. These tools include;

  • Google Trends: It’s a free tool from Google that shows the most popular search terms—meaning you can easily find out trending dropshipping products with it.
  • Amazon Best Sellers Page: On Amazon, there’s a page that lists Best Sellers, which is a great feature or tool to discover best-selling dropshipping products.
  • Aliexpress: It’s an e-commerce platform that provides you with and also serves as a tool to research products easily.
  • eBay Watch Count: This tool helps you monitor product listings, shows you the most watched or popular items, etc.
  • SaleHoo Market Research Lab: SaleHoo is an incredible research tool with an extensive directory of dropshipping suppliers you can access for a subscription fee. You’ll be able to keep track of your favorite suppliers and find sales opportunities with high interest and low competition.

Check What Your Competitors Are Selling

Another effective way to find the top products to dropship is to hack the competition. What are your competitors selling? Which products have the highest review or orders on their website? By doing this, you can discover the best-selling products to stock.

Monitor Online Shopping Communities

Just in case you don’t know by now, one of the places to gather information, especially about dropshipping products, is online shopping communities. Meeting other entrepreneurs dedicated to the same thing—or even individuals who shop online a lot— is quite useful since you can share tips and advice and answer specific questions. 

Top Dropshipping Products To Consider In 2023

Top dropshipping products to consider

We’ve studied several ideas for the best dropshipping products to sell in 2023. These business ideas are stable almost every month and always in trend.

Clothing & Footwear

Dropshipping clothing
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Unarguably one of the most popular dropshipping products or niches with a staggering value of $1.5 trillion. A step further in this niche is branded clothing —a core product of print-on-demand dropshipping, where you print your designs on clothes. Whether you decide to pick only a specific category—men’s fashion, women's style— or combine both, the opportunities here are endless, especially with POD. Top products here include Tank tops, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, etc.

Beauty and Health Products

Dropshipping beauty products

The beauty industry is growing increasingly with the influx of influencer marketing and the desire for personal care; people are searching for and buying more beauty and health products, and the market is expected to expand by 7.7% each year from 2022 to 2030. Skincare, Haircare products, and Makeup products like brushes, makeup kits, and tools for makeup artists are some dropshipping items in this niche.

Jewelry and Accessories

Dropshipping jewelry products

Jewelry is one of the most stable businesses in dropshipping. If you want to manage a store with this type of product, you have to consider that the highest peak in demand occurs in December, and the majority of its consumers are women, covering 66% of the market. Focus your store on a target audience. It can be for women only, men's jewelry, or personalized jewelry.

Home & Kitchen

dropshpping home products
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Another niche in the top dropshipping products in 2023 is Home & Kitchen, and that’s because of the work-from-home system since Covid. More and more people now work from home, hence the high search and demand for home and kitchen items. You can find a variety of materials, such as lamps, air fryers, key holders, electric kettles and blenders, etc in this category. Also, if you choose branded dropshipping, some suppliers like Helloprint can help you customize top products like Cushions, Pillows, Bedsheets, Aprons, Towels, etc. Check full Home & Living Catalog here.

Baby Goods

Dropshipping baby goods
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Baby care items are another hot dropshipping products to consider. The statistic shows that the market would be worth about $88.72 billion in 2026 worldwide. However, because of how sensitive these types of items are, you would want to work on branding —build a credible brand people can trust if you’re considering these drop-ship items.

Pet Supplies

Dropshipping pet supplies

This is an evergreen niche that has been peaking for a long time. The pet supplies industry is worth over $4.5 billion, with an average pet store raking in about $400,000 in sales per year. Interestingly, it has a wide range of accessories that can be sold in bundles. Absolutely a great niche if you are looking to get repeat customers.

Office products

Dropshipping office products

With the paradigm shift from the conventional workplace to working remotely from our homes, office products are hot in demand. The $252 billion industry holds a great prospect for dropshippers. Office products is a steady market that offers new products daily that you can add to your store and increase your profit. Items like calendars, mousepads, wall art, posters, and even pencil boxes can be as well branded with your own design if you go for print-on-demand dropshipping.


Dropshipping electronics

Everybody needs one electronic gadget or the other, and the craze to keep up with the latest trend increases daily. Electronic gadgets and accessories are amongst the top contenders in dropshipping niches. With over $500 billion in revenue, it’s easily one of the most competitive and profitable niches you can consider.

Tools And Home Improvement

Dropshipping tools and home improvement
Source: Helloprint Create & Sell

Home improvement is a never-ending cycle; there’s always a need to redecorate, adjust, or improve something —which makes it an appealing industry. Since the pandemic, this market has boomed and remained that way. Some dropshipping products in this niche include; outdoor smart plugs, video doorbells, magnetic screen doors, extension cords, shelves, patio, umbrella lights, air purifiers, etc

Phone Accessories

Dropshipping phone accessories

The majority of the population has a mobile device, so you can take advantage of this high demand to sell cell phone accessories. Its popularity on Aliexpress remains at five stars, so you will have many opportunities to enter this market. The main distributors of cell phone case stand, chargers, and accessories are in Malaysia, China, and other Asian countries.

Car Accessories

Dropshipping care accessories

With a market value close to $522 billion in 2022, the car accessories niche is a category you should consider if you are looking for steady growth. Almost every household owns a car, and cars need accessories. It’s a great idea to sell car accessories to this wide demographic. You can hardly miss here with many varieties of products in this category.

Power Tools

Dropshipping power tools

Power tools are one of the most demanded products worldwide; the market peaked in 2019, and the trajectory has continued. Some of the products you can sell under this category include drills, drill bits, saws, soldering irons, rotary tools, trimmers, etc. it is not hard to find great suppliers and get your dropshipping business on the road.

Outdoor & Camping

Dropshipping outdoor and camping products

The outdoor and camping niche might not be enticing and lucrative for you, but with a projected $74.96 billion market growth – it is easily one of the leading categories in dropshipping. Despite the popular misconception, outdoor and camping products are not seasonal items and include print-on-demand products like custom picnic blankets. The niche has a wide range of products that covers every season.

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable In 2023?

Is dropshipping still profitable?

Yes, dropshipping is still profitable in 2023 and this is based on two reasons. Firstly, low initial investment and expenses are needed. And secondly, the ever-growing demand for online shopping. Many people, more than you imagine, are doing Dropshipping in 2023. 

They position themselves on google or get traffic from social networks and sell to their customers without ever seeing the goods. It does not matter if you think that stores with their stock are better, because it’s already a fact that Dropshipping has come not only to stay but to be one easy way of selling without limitations.

Try Out Printing On Demand Dropshipping With Helloprint Create & Sell

Now, you know some of the best dropshipping products you can start with or add to your store. And if you’re creative and want to dropship items with your customized designs, you can try out Print-on-demand dropshipping with us. Helloprint offers you the platform to dropship your branded products, with a wide range of suppliers across the world and lots of benefits. No need to worry about warehousing or design software. Get in touch now.



We hope that our guide to dropshipping products will serve as a starting point for you to find good ideas and you can start making money online. Our guide is frequently updated, so don't forget to bookmark us for the latest ideas and resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Helloprint Create and Sell Offer Dropshipping? 

Yes, we offer print-on-demand dropshipping—the kind of dropshipping that allows you to customize your designs on products and sell them.

How To Find Top Products To Dropship And Sell

You can easily find products to sell by researching product trends and niches, using special tools like Google Trends, Dsers, and other tools —or even looking at what your competitors are selling.

Which Are The Best Dropshipping Niches To Consider In 2023?

Generally, the best dropshipping product niches are ones with high demand, less competitive, or seasonal. Niches like Clothing & footwear, Baby goods, phone accessories, beauty & health are some of the best.

Which Are The Top Dropshipping Products In 2023?

The top dropshipping products of 2023 include; jewelry, skincare & haircare products, baby items, swim trunks, bags, stickers, air fryers, etc.

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