Best Alternatives To Woocommerce In 2023: An Ultimate List You've Been Looking For

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Setting up shop on the web is a breeze with the help of platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce plugin that makes the transaction process seamless. While this plugin has been a go-to for e-commerce website builders for many years, there are other alternatives to Woocommerce that offer different features that you should definitely look into them.

What Is WooCommerce Exactly?

WooCommerce is an add-on for WordPress specifically designed to facilitate the creation of online shops. Generally, the default WordPress doesn’t have the primary features needed to run an e-commerce shop—like generating invoices, accepting payment, tracking inventory, etc. And that was how the WooCommerce plugin came about to make it possible.

Besides being free, open-source, and very extendable, WooCommerce offers many other features beyond the core e-commerce website to facilitate the operation of an online store. So, is this plugin really everything? While its offerings are fantastic, certain limitations make us want to look for better alternatives to WooCommerce.

Why Look For A Woocommerce Alternative

Below are a few reasons why people look for a WoocCommerce alternative:  

  1. WooCommerce is free and open-source, but hosting is purchased separately. However, it does not currently offer a fully hosted service which will require third-party aid.
  1. It's free; hence, no service level agreements (SLAs) are attached to the support.
  1. The WooCommerce plugin is an extension of WordPress. It’s a big plus in terms of support and upkeep, but some may decide to move away from WordPress.
  1. Even though WooCommerce is tailored to meet the needs of each eCommerce business, it requires more work on the user's part to get up and running than fully managed solutions.

Best Alternatives To WooCommerce As Of 2023

There are several alternatives to Woocommerce. However, not all of them are suitable to meet your full expectation. Below, we have compiled the best WooCommerce alternatives in 2023 to review and pick what would work best for you.


Shopify is the US's biggest eCommerce platform and a top WooCommerce alternative. The platform simplifies e-commerce website construction and provides options to grow your business. The Shopify App Store contains many integrated sales channels to help businesses improve their online stores. It has a 14-days free trial, after which you’re to pay either a monthly or annual fee.


  • Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform; with built-in hosting and a checkout process.
  • All plans include secure, limitless hosting. 
  • It provides in-app resources and support for new business owners. 


  • Hosting on Shopify is a little pricey. 
  • The platform doesn’t support email hosting, which means no direct email communication with your customers on the website.


Like its name, BigCommerce is an alternative that’s more tailored for “big” businesses with complex needs. So, it wouldn’t be the best option if you’re just starting but perfect for scaling as your business grows. BigCommerce has only a 15-day free trial. But while it’s a lot better than WooCommerce, it’s also a lot more pricey than WooCommerce.


  • It serves as a web hosting platform too.
  • It's a CMS, that includes search engine optimization tools and a price comparison engine.
  • BigCommerce allows you to connect with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and others seamlessly.


  • BigCommerce is too complex and costlier for small businesses.
  • Includes a small handful of paid themes and a severe lack of free ones
  • It isn’t super flexible and customizable and may require professionals for technical maintenance


Wix is a popular website builder and a prominent alternative to WooCommerce with infinite storefront and checkout customization options. It gives free hosting and the freedom to construct your eCommerce website. Wix delivers video training to simplify website construction. Over 500 themes and a drag-and-drop store builder to simplify e-commerce store construction.


  • Wix's design versatility is well-known. It's customizable with APIs
  • You can build a shop with 500+ free online store templates.
  • Wix lets you sell on Facebook, Google Shopping, eBay, Instagram, and more.
  • It’s ridiculously affordable.


  • Those who have never built a website before may feel daunted by all the options available when given complete creative control.
  • Wix's features are streamlined.


Magento is another popular WordPress Woocommerce alternative. It was acquired by Adobe years ago and is now part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Magento is built on PHP and SQL, like WordPress. That means it requires technical expertise to build and manage the website. WordPress and Magento's similar tech stacks allow for more customized solutions on large projects.


  • For those with multiple locations, Magento's streamlined multi-store administration is invaluable.
  • It’s more flexible than WooCommerce.
  • High website availability means fewer interruptions in service.
  • As a company, Magento operates on a freemium model.


  • Initiating yourself into web development with Magento may not be the best decision.
  • It ends up being more expensive for enterprises of a smaller size.
  • Just like WooCommerce, it requires third-party hosting.

Square Online

This e-commerce website builder has excellent usability and customer service. This website builder may look similar to Weebly, but it has many tools to help you design a good one. Square Online Store lets startups and small enterprises build online stores for their goods rapidly. But customization is limited.


  • Square Online Store is easy to use and affordable.
  • Facebook and Instagram sales are possible.
  • Square's free package includes limitless product catalogs and hosting.


  • Square Online Store plans charge 2.9% plus $0.30 per translation.
  • Square Online Store offers little personalization.
  • Limited customer service hours


If you're looking for an online store, go no further than Squarespace. It's a great substitute for WooCommerce, if not the best one. Squarespace is the best option for those who wish to make a beautiful custom website or online shop. The variety of beautiful themes and layouts available on Squarespace is a big part of its success. Squarespace offers a wide variety of stylish and up-to-date themes ideal for varieties of purposes, such as a portfolio, blog, or online store.


  • Complete e-commerce management system.
  • Highly intuitive and easy to use.
  • Make your online shop the most aesthetically pleasing it can be.


  • You'll pay a little more for it than you would with other website builders.
  • You can't use several currencies when selling 
  • There are now only automatic tax calculations available in the US.


Ecwid is a prominent SaaS for e-commerce storefronts on our list of WooCommerce alternatives trusted by 1.6 million small companies. This plugin differs from WooCommerce in that you may develop an organic website from scratch or add an online store to an existing one. WooCommerce is less flexible.


  • Ecwid is user-friendly and mobile.
  • It syncs with Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  •  Consolidated inventory and order management that contend WooCommerce.


  • In Ecwid's free plan, you can only list 10 items for sale.
  • Manual configuration and coding are needed.


OpenCart is an e-commerce platform. It's a free, open-source platform. OpenCart's eCommerce is solid; shopping cart checkout, order management, inventory management, etc. OpenCart's open-source nature allows for complete customization. It offers a variety of add-ons that can boost your online store's functionality and monetize it.


  • Support for multiple users
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • More than 40 languages can be used with OpenCart.


  • Provides few templates
  • Compared to other self-hosted platforms, it features fewer plugins.
  • OpenCart has complex customization or alteration options.


PrestaShop is open-source, eCommerce software similar to Magento. It's a highly customizable platform that requires little coding abilities. PrestaShop's dashboard provides design and business management capabilities. This dashboard can manage your whole business. The platform includes useful marketing features.


  • Easy-to-use dashboard.
  • All-devices-responsive web page.
  • Simple open-source setup.
  • An advanced multi-store system with a built-in inventory management system.


  • The Mobile version isn't convenient.


Weebly is a basic CMS with blogging and eCommerce functionalities. It's cheap and intended to help non-savvy technology users develop high-quality websites. Free to $25/month. Pro and Business feature phone help, site search, video & audio, and password-protected sections. Paid subscriptions include a domain name and eliminate the Weebly connection.


  • Easy drag-and-drop
  • Page-management ease
  • Simple pricing and terms


  • Scribd is the only way to insert a document that is branded and challenging to see.
  • Few themes exist. 
  • The platform sometimes needs a refresh due to glitches.

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WooCommerce remains a good platform for different uses you might desire. And the alternatives explained have been discovered to be far more efficient. But what’s even more efficient is Helloprint WooCommerce plugin integration. By adopting our advanced WooCommerce integration, you can scale your online store and get instant access to the largest catalog of customized print products. Get in touch to learn how you can fuel your business with this integration!


That wraps up our recommendations for suitable alternatives to WooCommerce that you may use to create a truly exceptional e-commerce platform for your company. There is no denying that WooCommerce is a top-tier plugin for WordPress users. It may be adjusted to fit your needs using the Helloprint advanced plugin integration. However, other WooCommerce alternatives may better suit the objectives of e-commerce business owners depending on their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce plugin is like WordPress's e-commerce cousin. WooCommerce is a free, open-source, and highly customizable plugin for WordPress content management and e-commerce functionality.

Why Look For A Woocommerce Alternative?

WooCommerce is only compatible with WordPress sites because it is a plugin developed specifically for WordPress. And while downloading and installing WooCommerce is free, you may need to pay for additional extensions to get the most out of your store.

Which Are The Best Alternatives To Woocommerce?

Shopify and Bigcommerce are the best WooCommerce alternatives that are comparable to WooCommerce. Shopify is the most flexible and user-friendly platform for creating a professional online shop. Bigcommerce comes in second and is compatible with WordPress, making it a strong contender.

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